Chelated Minerals

Glymet Mn

Chelated Manganese’s absorption and bioavailability are higher compared to inorganic forms of manganese. It does not require to be bound to other minerals or transport proteins while it is being transported and to be ionized while passing through the intestinal tract since its molecular weight is lower. Therefore, losses during ionization do not occur during the use of organic manganese.
Composition: Manganese: 20% and Glycin: 27%
Higher mineral content
Organic complex based on glycin and minerals

Product Details

    • Composition: Manganese(20%) and Glycin(27%)
    • Presentation: 25 kg/bag
    • Activator for enzymes systems in the metabolism of CHO, fats,¬†proteins
    • Play role in the collagen formation, bone growth, urea formation, eggshell formation and function of the immune system.
    • Involved in enzymes related to oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria
    • Retarded growth
    • Characteristic crippling legs deformity called¬†Perosis
    • Reduction in eggshell strength
    • Reduction in hatchability
    • It affects the structure of skin, bones and hair, it helps to reduce hoof problems.
    • It helps to enhance digestive and respiratory activation.
    • It regulates insulin metabolism thus regulating carbohydrate metabolism.
    • It enhances fertility since its effect on fertility is high.

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