Flavors & Sweeteners


Combination of natural and high-intensity sweeteners in conformity with EU regulation 1831/2003

Dulcoapetente has a strong pleasant sweet taste free from the typical aftertaste of high-intensity sweeteners. It reduces the rejections caused by bitter tastes of drugs and poor palatable raw materials. Their use allows masking unpleasant tastes, improves palatability and increases feed intake

Longer persistence
Greater intensity

Use of flavors in Ruminants

    The intake of solid feed is vital to the calf for making the transition from a pre-ruminant to a functioning ruminant. An early introduction to starter feed is key to achieve optimal rumen development and reduce weaning duration and costs.
    The trial showed that calves fed flavored starter weighed more at the weaning and at the end of the experiment.

    It is well known that dairy cows are very sensitive to changes in diet taste or flavor. Off-odors or bitter tastes could lead to low feed intakes, which will affect milk yields.Recover milk productions takes time and will impact farm performance.

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