Mycotoxin Adsorbent


TOXIFREE™ is an activated, broad spectrum, dipolar Phyllosilicate specially formulated to adsorb and retain all major mycotoxins including Aflatoxin, ochratoxin and T-2 up to 5000 ppb level. TOXIFREE™ is compatible with all feed ingredients and does not affect or absorb any of amino acids, vitamins, minerals.
Wide spectrum of adsorption
Stable and active at different ranges


Mycotoxins are chemical metabolites of fungi that cause a wide variety of harmful effects in poultry depending on the nature and concentration of toxins in the diet. kind of birds, age, nutritional status and health status of birds.
It has been consistently seen worldwide that the immune system is an important target of mycotoxins, causing adverse effects on the normal immune response, resulting in suppression of one or more immune functions. These immune failures predispose animals to severe vaccine reactions, low humoral or local antibody levels, and making animals more prone to bacterial and viral diseases.
Mycotoxins with the strongest effect on bird’s immune system include aflatoxins. ochratoxins, and the Trichothecenes group (T-2).

In Vitro Evaluation

In vitro evaluation is the first step that must be taken for the identification of any mycotoxin binder. This is so important that many researchers consider that if the product does not work a vitro, it will hardly work when used in animals (In Vivo).
It is important that in vitro results represent the net adsorption of the product, means that both the adsorption and desorption process has occurred, through a pH change, mimicking what occurs in the gastrointestinal tract of animals.

Product Details

    • Provides excellent adsorption of a wide range of mycotoxins like Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin & T2
    • Minimizes the chances of toxins transfer to the chick from the breeder and helps in improving the immunity of chicks from the breeder flock
    • Reduces chances of immuno-suppression
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