Chelated Minerals


We provides highly bioavailable and cost-effective organic trace minerals for poultry nutrition. These molecules are mineral amino acid chelates, resulting from the reaction of a metal ion from a soluble metal salt with a specific aminoacid

GLYMETPOULTRY PLUS is an organic complex based on glycine (amino acid) & minerals.
Higher mineral content
Organic complex based on glycin and minerals

Product Details

    • Small Molecular weight, results in rapid absorption
    • Does not require the carrier protein for its absorption
    • Strong and stable covalent bonds guarantee its stability at low pH (stomach), prevents mineral interaction in GI tract
    • High bio-availability and is considered as much as 99.99%
    • Less vitamin oxidation in premixes due to its high stability
    • Reduces stress and improves immune system
    • Optimize reproductive and performance parameters
    • Scientifically proven
    E 6 Zinc (hydrated zinc glycinate) 32.00 gm
    E 5 Manganese (hydrated manganese glycinate) 32.00 gm
    E 1 Iron (hydrated iron glycinate) 15.00 gm
    E 4 Copper (hydrated copper glycinate) 08.00 gm
    E 2 Iodine (Calcium Iodine anhydrous) 02.50 gm
    E 8 Selenium (Sodium selenite) 00.25 gm
    E 3 Cobalt (Cobalt Carbonate) 00.25 gm
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