Chelated Minerals

Glymet Dairy

It has been demonstrated that there is a direct relationship between trace mineral nutrition and immunity, disease resistance and reproduction. It provides highly bioavailable and cost-effective organic trace minerals for animal nutrition. These molecules are mineral amino acid chelates, resulting from the reaction of a metal ion from a soluble metal salt with a specific aminoacid. In order to feed animals efficiently, the use of organic (chelated) minerals is recommended, and a combination of chelated copper and zinc would be of interest.
Higher mineral content
Organic complex based on glycin and minerals

Why you should use?

  • Small molecular weight (300 daltons) no carrier is
    needed for absorption. Rapid adsorption rate.
  • Strong covalent bonds guarantee its stability at low pH (stomach),
    preventing mineral interaction and insoluble salt formation.
  • Less vitamin oxidation in premixes due to its high stability.
  • Totally available -> reduces environmental impact.
  • Reduces animal stress.
  • Improves animal immune system -> decreases risk of disease.
  • Optimize reproductive & performance parameters

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