Feed Preservative


The appearance of molds and bacteria in feed ingredients and in feeds are due to environmental or bad storage conditions. These microorganism contamination may severely affect livestock production.
SALMONAT®-B are feed preservative designed to avoid the growth of molds and bacteria in raw materials, feeds and concentrates used for animal nutrition. SALMONAT®-B are based on unsaturated organic acids salts, DISALTS, that combines acid impact and salt lasting effectiveness.

Effective Conservation
Safe For Animal and Environment

Product Details

Benefits of SALMONAT®-B:

  • The products combine acids with immediate effect plus salts with progressive action resulting in a gradual release, ideal to prevent pathogenic microorganisms growth.
  • Increases the number of potentially active molecules; improving the inhibition of pathogens growth.
  • The low volatility of salts increases the preventive effect of the product after pelleting.
  • The advanced manufacturing process minimizes the amount of free acid, resulting a safer and less corrosive product.

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