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By-pass saturated fat, enriched in palmitic acid, the fatty acid proven to increase milk fat.
Early lactation cows naturally have limitations on dry matter intake and do not consume enough feed to meet the nutrient demands for milk production.
Beneficial effect on the milk fat percentage
Maximum pass rate from blood to milk
High palatability

Range of products

    MAGNAPAC is a calcium salt of free fatty acids. As a rumen protected fat, it is not dissociated until it reaches the abomasum, where low pH make fatty acids available

    Digestibility is a key factor to take into account when choosing fat supplements,since it has great consequences on feed efficiency. In this regard, the tableshowed belo w summarizes a review of digestibility values for calcium salts. As it can be observed, the average digestibility under recommended inclusion levels -3% and lower- almost reaches 95%.

    • Fat Content = 84%
    • Gross Energy (GE) = 840 g/kg x 9.33 Mcal/kg (vegetable fat value) = 7,837 Mcal/kg
    • Digestibility Coefficient (DC) = 90% (as we obtained)
    • Digestible Energy (DE) = ME = 7,837 x 0.9 = 7,053 Mcal/kg

    MAGNAPAC PLUS is a calcium salt of free fatty acids which includes protected methionine, the first limiting amino acid for milk production. Protected methionine helps to avoid the protein dilution effect that is commonly observed when milk yield is increased

    • Fat Content = 78%
    • GE (Gross energy) = 780 g/kg x 9.33 Mcal/kg (vegetable fat value) + 6 g/kg x 5.65¬†Mcal/Kg (methionine value) = 7,616 Mcal/kg
    • DC (Digestibility Coefficient) = 90% (as we obtained)
    • DE (Digestible Energy) = 7,616 x 0.90 = 6,854 Mcal/kg

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