Natural Health and Performance Booster


DICOSAN® based on coconut fatty acid distillate with a high percentage of lauric acid, is a performance booster effective against pathogenic bacteria (Gram + and Gram -). The inclusion of DICOSAN® decreased the number of animals positive to Salmonella Typhimurium in cecal digesta after experimental oral inoculation.
Enhances Performance
Modulates Intestinal Microbiota
Reduces Pathogenic Bacteria

Product Details

    The use of feed supplement containing SCFA & MCFA is proposed as a valuable alternative to antibiotics in the feed and can be used to non-antibiotic growth promoter. The antimicrobial activity of Lauric acid can be classified under the following mechanisms:

    • Destruction or disruption of a cell membrane of the gram positive bacteria and lipid-coated viruses by physio-chemical process
    • Inteferencew with cellular process, such as bacterial cell signal transduction and gene transcription process

    The addition of DICOSAN® in animal farming & production.

    • Tends to increase final body weight
    • Tends to reduce feed conversion ratio

    Dicosan® significantly decreases the count of Coliformis, E.Coli and Enterobacteria in ileum and caecum.

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